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Dr. Georg Trimmel

Donaustadtstraße 1, 1220 Wien

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Aktuelle Bewertungen zu Dr. Georg Trimmel

Excellent Treatment

I have been treated by Dr. Trimmel for 1.5 years since arriving in Vienna. During my first visit he reviewed my medical records, listened to me, discussed with me my issue and developed a treatment plan that we agreed on. I received 2 injections in my back initially (still not sure what they were), 10 sessions of physiotherapy and exercise goals to get back on my feet. He even was in consult with my physiotherapist regarding my sessions. I needed a doctor that I could trust and someone who understood that my USA doctors were not able to help me except for prescribing high doses of opiods, anti-inflammatories, and nerve medications. In the USA the next step for me was surgery but with Dr. Trimmel's treatment plan, I am 85% better. I saw him today after one year, for a followup appointment due to my osteoarthritis and for a shot for my nerve issue. He understood I didn't want to take alot of medications and prescribes the minimum amount, if any. I never had a problem seeing him with or without an appointment. Weniger anzeigen

My opinion: Dr Trimmel

A year ago, after two follow up sessions, Dr Trimmel relieved me from a nasty pain which was affecting my jaws. I am very grateful.

Recently I visited him again for a pain in my neck and head. With combination of injections and Spineliner treatment, it seems I am on the right track to get back to normal. Weniger anzeigen
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