Facharzt Dr. med. univ. Michael Lehner - Nuklearmediziner Wels 4600

Facharzt Dr. med. univ. Michael Lehner

Oberfeldstraße 105, 4600 Wels

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Sehr empfehlenswert, super Team, angenehme Atmosphäre, alles rundum perfekt.....

Radiofrequency ablation thyroid

It's been 12 month since I had undergone Radiofrequency ablation of a ca. 3cm thyroid nodule in Dr Lehners surgery in Linz. The nodule has virtually disappeared, I can't even feel any remnants of scar tissue in my neck. The procedure was quick, pain-free, the team was professional and the nurses super friendly. The procedure is cheaper than in the UK and despite travel costs and 2 nights stay in Vienna still better value for money. Highly recommend to anyone in the UK looking for a cost effective and professional alternative. Weniger anzeigen
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